COVID-19 Site Standards for Visitors & Contractors

Compliance at both our site and our customers sites has always been a key priority at JWS Waste. To complement our already rigourous standards we have implemented some new measures for our Visitors, Third Parties & Contractors to ensure we minimise risk of infection during the Coronavirus outbreak.

On Arrival At Site

Only one person at a time authorised to enter the reception areas and weighbridge signing in areas.
– 2 metre social distancing enforced and required when waiting to enter site arrival points.
– JWS staff manually sign in visitors (full name acts as signature entry to site and site safety rules) to minimise cross contamination.
– All site visits must be pre-booked to ensure the numbers of staff and contractors on site are controlled and support social distancing requirements.
– All entry points are covered with hand sanitiser stations. It is mandatory that visitors and third parties sanitise their hands before entering the JWS site.
– Do not enter the JWS site if symptomatic.


All employees, visitors and contractors must wear full PPE when on site, this includes safety boots, safety hat, safety glasses, gloves, dust mask and high visibility clothing in all areas on site, not just designated areas.
– Please use the bins provided around site with black and yellow markers to dispose of used PPE.

Welfare Facilities

– Contractors and visitors are not permitted to enter the canteen areas. Please facilitate lunch breaks in vehicles if possible.
– Only 2 persons authorised in the welfare changing and toilet areas at any one time. Contractors and visitors must use the disabled toilet on the right-hand side of entry into the facility (JWS employees must not use).
– When exiting welfare areas hands must be sanitised using the hand sanitiser stations provided or washed with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds.
– Breaks on site have been staggered.

Site Exit

– When exiting site, you must verbally inform the person who has organised your works or visit so they can ensure you are signed out.
– Areas will be cleaned down and disinfected each day around the site and offices including push plates, touch points, toilets, and door handles.


– Anybody not following safe distancing measures will be asked to leave site immediately.
– If you have been around any family members that have been symptomatic you must not attend site for at least 14 days.
– Respect other people’s space and keep each other safe.


– 1 person per walkway at any one time unless a 2 metre distance is applied between each individual.
– Signage on doorways and walkways regarding COVID-19; advice and requirements must be followed.
– Maintain tape distancing and floors around walkways and follow the walkway 1-way system.

For more information you can download the full document here JWS COVID-19 Site Standards (HS_0878_JS_V1)

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