Our big bite service for construction bins and RELS offers an ideal alternative to skip hire for construction sites, renovation projects and new build developments.

This service is ideal for construction sites with tight space, based in Manchester City Centre or if you are just looking for an efficient alternative to skip hire for your construction project.

This service covers mixed construction and plasterboard waste, helping sites segregate these two waste streams to improve recovery and recycling results.

Our big bite vehicle makes the waste collection process efficient and simple. Your waste containers will be emptied on site into the back of the waste compaction vehicle (big bite) in one visit.

Safe and secure waste management services

Access to reports and tickets via our portal

Reduce carbon footprint with less site visits

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Tight fit? Don’t worry about it! Our big bite services are ideal for smaller sites that may not have room for a skip hire service and also for sites in busy areas like Manchester city centre.

You can take advantage of this service with our 660-litre construction wheelie bins to save even more space on site. Construction bins can even be moved to different areas on your site, including in lifts if you are working on multiple levels.

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WE'RE LOCAL. Based in Salford, we are the ideal choice for businesses and projects happening in Manchester City Centre.

WE'RE SUSTAINABLE. Sustainability is the essence of everything we do here at JWS - helping to support your environmental values.

WE'RE INNOVATIVE. Enhancing your waste management experience with solutions such as digital service tickets and our online portal.

WE'RE RELIABLE. Proudly a fully-compliant and accredited business, offering secure, environmentally-sound waste services.



With budgets, tight timescales and busy project plans, each construction project can pose it’s own challenges and having the most suitable waste management solution in place can give you the much needed the ease of mind.

We understand that skip hire isn’t always the most suitable solution for every construction site. This is where our construction wheelie bin service can prove to be a beneficial switch from skip hire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size containers are there?

Our big bite service is designed for REL (Rear-End Loader) skips and 660 litre construction bins. We offer 8 yard open RELs and 14 yard enclosed RELs.

How many construction bins can I have on a site?

The number of construction bins that you will need for your site will depend on how much waste you are producing. Bear in mind that we offer a 5 bin minimum for each collection – this is to encourage less frequent site visits, reducing vehicle emissions, transport costs and carbon footprint.

Can the construction bins be moved?

Yes! This is what makes our construction bin service ideal for many construction sites. The wheelie bins can easily be manoeuvred around site, as well as used in lifts to be taken either underground or to upper levels.

Just make sure that you bring your bins back to collection point ready for these to be emptied by our driver!

When is the waste collected?

We run separate collection schedules for construction and plasterboard waste. Your waste collection will be added to this schedule following your request.

Construction waste collections are available from Monday to Friday, whilst we run our plasterboard collections on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

These collection schedules help to improve the efficiency of ou service and reduce emissions, so you can benefit from a sustainable solution for your site.