Dedicated Account Management

You will be appointed an Account Manager based on your business sector, giving you the opportunity to work with somebody experienced in helping businesses similar to your own.

Having your own Account Manager means you can be confident you will receive a high-quality service tailored to suit your specific needs.

Here at JWS, we are not just a service provider – we are a partner in helping to promote good recycling practice within your business and support you in achieving your waste management targets.

Compliance Assured

We have a team of in-house specialist who ensure all our services are compliant with UK legislation and regulations.

This includes making sure that our full operations are following best environmental practices to help us and you get the best results from your waste.

We are also dedicated to ensuring your services are safe and sound – contributing to the all-round high-quality service that you can expect from JWS.

How We Can Help You
      • Advice on waste handling and storage
      • Support towards your goals and environmental targets
      • Assistance with problematic waste streams
      • Information about your waste management and progress
      • Ensure compliant waste management procedures are in place
      • Support for onsite waste segregation and management
      • The required legal documentation provided
What Makes Us Stand Out?

In-House Materials Recycling

We focus on recovery via our very own Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) here in Salford. This maximises the value of your waste through expert segregation so that more of your waste can be recycled.

Central Manchester Location

We are proud to be a Manchester-based business. Situated in Salford, less than 1.2 miles from the city centre, this makes JWS an ideal partner for businesses and construction projects happening in the heart of Manchester.

UK Energy from Waste

As a green business, we can provide you with a sustainable solution for your non-recyclable waste. We are one of the few waste companies who utilise a UK-based waste to energy facility, which uses your waste as a resource for heat and electricity.

Technology & Innovation

We embrace innovation as a way to enhance our waste solutions and improve our customer’s experience. You can benefit from intuitive reporting and waste breakdowns via our online portal, and digital tickets which arrive straight to your email.

Sustainable Fleet

A key part of our service, we are pleased to be FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) accredited for the safety, efficiency and environmental standards of our entire fleet. We also ensure our vehicles are Euro 5 or 6 for better sustainability results.

Integrity & Reliability

A fully-compliant, accredited company, we take pride in being able to offer a secure, environmentally sound solution that’s in-line with UK legislation and offers you the highest of standards.