Landfill Diversion

Diverted from landfill

in 2018

Carbon Saving

Diverted from landfill

in 2018

137,834 tonnes processed this year
136,826 tonnes diverted from landfill this year
Maximising the value of your waste materials

We maximise the value of your waste materials by focusing on resource recovery via our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Salford.

This chart shows the percentage of waste that we have sent on for recycling, waste to energy and landfill.

Materials Breakdown And Disposal Solution
Waste Outputs And CO2 Savings For Each Month

What is waste to energy?

JWS sends non-recyclable residual materials to a local, UK-based Energy from Waste facility to be used as a resource for heat and electricity.

How our services save carbon

Waste in landfill sites produce emissions including carbon. Diverting your waste from landfill results in higher carbon saving figures, improving your environmental impact.

Carbon Savings Through Landfill Diversion

This graph shows a comparison between JWS emissions and the carbon we have saved through landfill diversion from April 2018 onwards.

We actively work to reduce our own emissions, such as maintaining our fleet of Euro 5 and 6 vehicles, for maximum sustainability.