New Technology Advancements for JWS Waste

web_DSC_70202016 sees the introduction of new technology systems for the improvement of JWS Waste.

With the addition of a brand new phone system and a new bespoke waste management system, JWS Waste are confident that these new developments will greatly benefit the Company and the standard of our service. These new systems thrust JWS Waste into the 21st Century and further showcases our proactive dedication to providing a modern, effective waste management service.

The new, advanced phone system has already shown an increase in staff efficiency during phone call conversations, with the additional features that benefit employee use. This includes an improvement in ensuring that customers are able to reach the right department or member of our team that they require, whether in the office or offsite.

Customer Care phone calls are now being recorded for the purpose of staff training. This may also be beneficial for customer’s who require recordings of phone call conversations containing any significant information.

JWS Waste also had a new, bespoke waste management system implemented earlier this year. Over time this has shown great promise in future usability for every department. What JWS Waste are especially excited about regarding the new system is the opportunity for future technological advancements which could potentially show vast improvement for our waste management operations, such as a Waste Management Portal for our customers.

With the implementation of these new systems, training has been provided for all JWS Waste office employees to ensure that everybody understands how to use these new technology systems for the efficiency of our Company’s operations.

These two new systems highlight JWS Waste’s commitment to the development of the Company and our waste management services. We are excited for what the future holds as JWS Waste are keen to continue making developments that benefit not only the Company, but the services that our customers receive.