Over 95% Quality of Service for JWS Waste

web_DSC_6990Our quality of service for skips and Rollonoffs was our best ever for January 2017, totalling at 95%. As customer satisfaction is at the heart of the business, we consistently measure our quality of service levels to ensure that you are getting the highest standard of service.

This incredible 95% quality of service level for January has been measured on a same day/next day basis. When combined with our 98% quality of service level for Trade Waste Collections, this results in a great success for JWS Waste and our team.

We would like to say a big thank you to our employees – particularly our Customer Care and Transport Departments, alongside our drivers – for their part in helping us to reach this amazing achievement. This just goes to show how dedicated our team are to ensuring the success of JWS Waste and the satisfaction of our customers.

Already, 2017 is looking to be a strong year for JWS Waste and we hope to have more great news like this in the future. As JWS Waste continue to develop and improve each element of our business, we continue to be able to offer you, as our customers, an exceptional standard of service that more than meets your Waste Management requirements.