August Sees Highest Carbon Saving Figures to Date

New record! JWS Waste saw our highest carbon saving figures to date last August

Our dedication to landfill diversion and has resulted in further environmental success as JWS Waste see our highest monthly carbon saving figures to date in August. Our Technical Manager, Jade Saleh, told us that we managed to divert 1,327 tonnes of CO2 from landfill through recycling in August – which is a record for JWS Waste.

This fantastic news follows the recorded carbon saving success from April, where we saw our highest rise in annual carbon saving figures between May 2015 and April 2016. Last year, we saved 12,378 tonnes of CO2, and are eager to do even better this year as we continue to commit to landfill diversion.

We always aim to divert at least 95% of our customer’s waste from landfill. With a focus centered on landfill diversion through recycling and recovery, we aim to provide a sustainable solution to customers across the region. Our waste management operations include our own Materials Recycling Facility to segregate waste for optimum recovery, which continues to see investments to further improve our sustainability.

The use of local recycling facilities and a UK Energy from Waste facility are additional benefits towards our carbon saving figures. We reduce customer’s environmental impact by reducing waste miles and even finding a sustainable solution for non-recyclable waste by using residual waste as a resource for heat and energy.

We are thrilled about the highest recording of carbon saving we’ve seen here at JWS Waste, and aim to continue ensuring that we see even more success in the future so that our customers can benefit from an ecological waste management service.