Are You Struggling With Overweight Waste Containers?

From a small business, to a large-scale construction project, overweight containers are a common problem for many sites. This can lead to a number of issues, including miss-collections, damage to containers, additional charges and even legal implications.

If you’ve been made aware that your container is heavy, it’s important to know why and how to fix the problem so that it doesn’t continue to be an issue for your site.

To give you helping hand, we have listed some of the most common causes behind heavy containers and how to resolve them.

Quantity of Waste

If you produce a high quantity of waste, you risk overfilling your waste container.

Overfilling your waste container can lead to complications for services.

We Recommend:

If this is a short-term issue, try scheduling more frequent collections with your provider.

If it’s a more long-term issue, having another container on site could be more appropriate.

Container Type

Are you positive that your current container is appropriate for your waste?

If your waste is heavy, having a bigger container puts you more at risk of making it too heavy.

We Recommend:

Make sure you know exactly what waste streams you are producing. That way, you can check with your service provider whether they think your current container is appropriate for your waste.

Waste Materials

Some waste materials are heavier than others e.g. food, glass or hardcore materials.

This has a significant impact on the overall weight of your containers.

We Recommend:

Segregating your waste materials might be a suitable option for your site, with an appropriate container for each waste stream.

There are other benefits to segregating your waste, such as reducing service costs.

Making sure that your container isn’t overweight reducing the risk of damage, service issues and additional charges. When you also take into considerations the health, safety, and legal issues involved, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you need support with your waste collections, feel free to contact our team on 0161 7373 4545.