Could A Rollonoff Container Improve Your Onsite Waste Management?

Businesses from varying industry sectors can (and do) benefit from having a rollonoff container on their site. Whether you’re working at a school, a hospital, or on a major construction site – a rollonoff container just might be the ideal solution for you.

So what is it about rollonoffs that make them a beneficial option for businesses? How could a rollonoff help your site? We’ve pinpointed the 3 advantages of our rollonoff container that could improve your onsite waste management.

Knowing these key elements can help you to decide whether or not your business would benefit by making the switch to a rollonoff container on your site.

1) Security

Health & safety remains high on many business’s agendas and a rollonoff container can give you that extra security you might require for your site. All rollonoffs are enclosed and lockable so that you can have the added benefit of knowing the container on your site (and the waste inside it) is safe and secure.

This is especially important for sensitive sites, such as schools and hospitals where the containers are in public areas. It’s also important for sites that might have sensitive waste materials, such as clinical waste at a hospital, that needs to be stored safely.

2) Capacity

Is your site producing a high quantity of waste? If so, a regular skip would need to be exchanged a lot more frequently. A rollonoff container is a great solution for giving you the higher storage capacity you need.

The ability to store more waste can help to reduce the number of container exchanges you will need. This can result in a more cost-effective solution for your business because you won’t require as many services for your waste container.

Whilst rollonoffs are typically double the size of an average builders skip, it can store up to 4x more waste than a builders skip. With so much more capacity, this means you can make the most use out of the space you have on your site.

This is particularly ideal for smaller construction sites where space is limited or sites that want to have multiple waste containers for onsite waste segregation.

3) Sustainability

As we mentioned, a high-capacity container will allow you to store more waste over a longer period of time, reducing the frequency of exchanges required by your site. This minimises the number of vehicles moving on and off your site, which helps with health & safety and also reduces your carbon footprint.

If you are producing large quantities of waste from different waste streams, onsite segregation could be an ideal solution for your site.

Depending on the variation of waste streams being produced on your site, having an effective onsite segregation system can help improve your environmental impact.

The added security of a rollonoff container will also come in handy for this, as you will have extra control over what waste goes where to avoid contaminating waste streams.

Do you think a rollonoff could help to improve your site’s waste management strategy? If you need help deciding on an ideal solution for your site’ waste management, we can help.

By booking a free site visit with us online, you can arrange for a member of our team to come out to your site and discuss with you your requirements and how we can help. What’s even better is that you can choose the date and time that best suits you.