Crane-Liftable Hook Skips: A Safe Solution For Your Site

Waste management doesn’t stop at ground level

If you are working on a construction site that operates on multi-story heights, crane-liftable hook skips could be an ideal solution for your business. They provide the ability for you to store your waste in a typical skip container when you are working at high levels.

Working alongside the construction industry, we understand that many sites can benefit from crane-liftable hook skips. These containers offer a convenient, efficient way that can help you to manage and store waste that meets the requirements of your site.

Hiring a hook skip with JWS isn’t much different from hiring a regular skip with us. However, due to the way that hooks skips are used, there are additional Health & Safety requirements you should be aware of.

Safety First

When a skip is required to be lifted into the air via a crane, a general waste skip does not meet the statutory Health & Safety Requirements as the container would then fall under the requirements of The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER).

Lifting a non-tested skip into the air presents a number of high risks as the lugs on a standard skip are not manufactured to sustain prolonged periods of time in suspension and should this fail when lifted into the air, the consequences could be catastrophic.

If you do require a skip container to be crane-lifted, then you should inform your service provider of this when arranging your service so that a suitable hook skip container can be provided to meet your requirements.

JWS can provide LOLER tested hook skips which meet the safety requirements of LOLER – ensuring that you have peace of mind when lifting skips on your site with a crane. Our hook skips are weight-tested and also examined under LOLER every 6 months, ensuring the lifting accessory (the hooks) are safe and fit for purpose.

It is also important that you are aware of what waste is going into your hook skip and how much. Under LOLER, hook skips should carry no more than 6 tonnes, which is a safe working load for the container when being lifted. Therefore, you have to ensure that your skip is not overfilled and that you don’t put in materials that can make the container too-heavy.

Here at JWS, we have implemented a robust testing regime for our hook skips as part of our commitment to compliance and Health & Safety. Our hook skips are colour coordinated to a test period to ensure that the hook skips that arrive on your site are fully tested and presented with a LOLER certificate fulfilling compliance.

We take Health & Safety very seriously and always do our best to provide your with a safe and compliant service for your waste management requirements. If you would like to know more about our crane-liftable hook skips or about compliance and our services you can contact our team on 0161 737 4545 or leave us a message in the contact form on our website.