Do You Have a C.L.E.A.R Understanding of Hazardous Waste?

It’s important that producers are aware of the risks and requirements involved with hazardous waste management. However, for many, dealing with hazardous waste can be a minefield of information and procedures.

To help make the process simpler for you to follow, we’ve created the acronym C.L.E.A.R. This includes the most important information you need to be aware of for your hazardous waste.

C – Classification

Before you even begin dealing with your waste, you need to know exactly what materials you are producing and if this is classified as hazardous.

Hazard symbols can be identified on your product Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) even if your product has come into contact with a hazardous waste product or contained it, for example, empty packaging, it is classified as hazardous waste.

Due to a broad range of materials that are now classified as hazardous, this can often lead to confusion. That’s why it’s important that you check with your waste management provider whether or not your waste is hazardous. This may entail further analysis of your waste materials to determine if they are classified as hazardous.

L – Legislation

It is crucial that you remain compliant with hazardous waste management at all times. There are many regulations in place that overview the handling, collection and treatment of hazardous waste materials.

When it comes to managing hazardous waste on your site, there are a few important factors that you need to be aware of:

DON’T WORRY – Whilst legislation on hazardous waste may seem overwhelming or confusing, it can be simple with the right waste management company at your side. They will be able to support you through the process and ensure your site is compliant at all times.

This is why it’s important that you choose a waste management company who can guarantee you a compliant service. In fact, here at JWS, we consider compliance to be one of our key values, to keep you and ourselves covered in all legal, safety and environmental aspects.

E – Environment

Hazardous waste needs special treatment because of its potential harm to people, the environment or both. The management or hazardous waste, including its storage, collection, recycling and disposal, is subject to the Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2005.

As with any waste materials, it’s important that hazardous waste is disposed of sustainably to ensure minimal environmental impact. Specialist hazardous waste treatment facilities aim to recover and recycle the more difficult, technical waste materials.

By choosing a competent waste management provider and ensuring that procedures are being followed correctly both on and off your site, this helps your site remain compliant whilst also minimising your environmental impact.

A – Ask

If you are ever unsure about hazardous waste, you should contact your waste management provider. They will have specialists within their team who are trained on all aspects of hazardous waste management.

If you have any issues or questions regarding hazardous waste, they can support you along the way. This means you can be confident that you are following legislation and best hazardous waste management practices are being followed on your site

R – Responsibility

As the producer of hazardous waste, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that you remain compliant. Failure to do so may result in consequences to you or your company, including being fined or prosecuted by the Environment Agency.

Ideally, you should make sure that everybody working on your site is fully aware of the protocols in place for hazardous waste management. This eliminates the risk of issues occurring on your site and can also help to improve health & safety on your site by minimising the risk of hazardous materials being handled poorly.


Whilst your hazardous waste may be your responsibility, that doesn’t mean you need to take care of it alone.

Here at JWS, we have a team dedicated to providing you with a compliant, hassle-free solution that’s built on sustainability. We aim to help you minimise your environmental impact whilst providing a cost-effective service. Feel free to contact us about your requirements.