The Environment Agency Introduce New Changes to Hazardous Waste Requirements


New changes regarding hazardous waste legislation came into effect on the 1st April 2016.

Now premises producing, storing, or handling 500kg or more of hazardous waste in England no longer require a premises code. This follows new changes to consignment note rules that have been brought in under an amendment to the Regulations.

There are a number of hazardous waste rules in England that Businesses must follow. This includes the requirement for businesses to complete a consignment note when hazardous waste is transported from site. Consignment notes are necessary for all movements of hazardous waste from any site. However, now businesses in England no longer need to register their sites with the EA.

This new development for hazardous waste legislation means that businesses operating in England will benefit with less of the administrative burden of hazardous waste legislation, and will be exempt from the annual fee of registering with the EA as a hazardous waste producer.

Changes which apply to the consignment note format:

From 1st April, instead of a premises or Exempt code, the first 6 letters of the site company’s name needs to be used, and they must ensure that they are consistent with these letters. Additionally, the 500kg threshold no longer exists.

If the company name is less than 6 letters, then a space filler character should be used. There will be no change to how the numbers after the “/” should be created.

There is also a modification to the consignment note format that means the consignment note is now slightly different for England compared to Wales. This change also applies SIC2007 codes to hazardous waste rather than the previously used 2003 codes.

Customer Support:

Our Customer Care Department are available on 0161 737 4545 or via to eliminate any confusion our customer’s may have regarding the completion of hazardous waste consignment notes. Our Technical Manger, Jade Saleh, is also available on 0161 737 4545 for any further advice on these new changes.