New Landfill Tax Changes Introduced In April 2016


As landfill tax rises on the 1st April, stricter rules to qualify for the lower rate disposal charge also come into effect.

Operators in England and Wales see the standard rate of landfill tax rise by £1.80 per tonne on the 1st April this year. This increases the previous tax charge of £82.60 to a new landfill tax rate of £84.40 per tonne.

For waste companies hoping to be charged the lower rate of landfill tax, they were previously required to achieve a loss on ignition (LOI) test result of 15% or below. However, now processors must have an LOI test result of 10% or less in order to qualify for the lower tax rate of £2.65.

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Diverting from landfill with JWS Waste.

As the cost of landfill tax continues to increase, JWS Waste are always determined to divert our customers waste away from landfill. Our landfill diversion operations are beneficial for customer’s to reduce the cost of their waste disposal and minimise their business’ environmental impact.

JWS Waste divert at least 95% of our customers waste from landfill, by focusing our efforts on the recycling/recovery of our customer’s waste. We support the vision for a circular economy, by segregating customer’s waste materials to be recycled into new products.

In addition to this, we also focus on the recovery of waste materials with little recycling value, through the use of UK energy from waste facilities. By shredding and dehydrating our customer’s residual waste, JWS Waste can produce a Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) that is used as an energy resource.

Energy from Waste is an ecological solution for residual waste, as it furthers our success in diverting from landfill. This allows for our customers to benefit from the knowledge that they have saved money and supported the environment with the disposal of their waste.