New Study Shares Fly-Tipping Figures for Greater Manchester

A published study “Tip of the Binberg”, shares new fly-tipping figures for Greater Manchester.  The report, which was supported by the EU’s Regional Development Fund and Manchester’s Business Growth Hub, highlights the significant problem of waste crime for our region.

Fly-tipping figures for Greater Manchester:
  • An average of 144 fly-tipping incidents a day
  • Almost 53,000 incidents reported by local authorities in 2016/17
  • An estimated average of almost 20,000 tonnes of waste dumped in 2016/17
  • Cost to the council of approximately £4.9 million to deal with the waste
What we can do to tackle fly-tipping:
  • The study makes a number of recommendations on how to tackle the persistent problem of fly-tipping.  These recommendations include:
  • Telling residents about the high cost of fly-tipping clearance and how it hits council spending
  • More enforcement activities and fines for fly-tippers
  • More communications on key information, such as Carriers’ Licences
  • Engage the Environment Agency and report advertisers wrongly using the EA logo
Your waste, your responsibility

As a waste producer, it is your duty to ensure your waste is handled and disposed of responsibly – this applies to homeowners and businesses.  With a legally compliant, certified waste management company, you can be confident that you are receiving a secure solution for your waste.

Waste producers can encourage reduced crime rates by making sure your waste is taken care of compliantly.  In addition, this will support our environment, by working with a company that can provide a sustainable solution for your waste.

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