Pressurised Containers – Customer Safety Alert

Pressurised Containers - Customer Safety Alert

This Customer Safety Alert has been produced to remind all customers to ensure they are observant when filling waste loads, following the discovery of a fire extinguisher hidden in a skip. As a result our drivers have been instructed to visually check loads upon collection and report any dangerous items such as gas bottles, fire extinguishers and aerosols to the JWS Waste Traffic Office before leaving site.

Where dangerous items are identified in general waste they are placed in the quarantine area ready for the safe and correct disposal,  JWS Waste Customer Service team will then contact customer outlining the dangers involved with placing such items in a skip and request that procedures are put into place to prevent this from happening, there will also be an additional charge for disposal.

By working together with our customers to identify hazardous items in waste we are keeping each other safe and reducing the likelihood of any hazardous or dangerous items being missed and preventing a potentially serious incident.