JWS Waste’s High Carbon Saving Results 2015-2016

JWS Waste are pleased to share our carbon savings figures for 2015 – 2016.

Our commitment to landfill diversion is essential for minimising the environmental impact of our customers waste disposal.  Over the recent years we have been very successful with our landfill diversion efforts, resulting in an impressive rise in our CO² saving figures.

LDOver last year, JWS Waste have been even more successful with diverting from landfill, resulting in high CO² Saving Figures than our 2014 – 2015 figures.  Our focus on the recycling/recovery of our customers waste is a vital for our team, and JWS Waste were able to divert 106,999 tonnes of our customers waste from landfill between May 2015 and April 2016.  This results in us saving 12,387 tonnes of CO² over one year – our highest CO² Saving Figures to date!

CO2This rise in CO² Savings is a result of our continual improvement to the JWS Waste facility and our operations, alongside technology investments that are essential for our customer’s waste management services.  The efforts of our team are crucial, as everybody here is dedicated to diverting our customer’s waste from landfill in favour of a more sustainable solution.

W2EOne of the most significant factors for our landfill diversion success is the Waste to Energy process.  This provides an ecological disposal solution for our customer’s residual waste that has little or low recovery value. JWS Waste treat this waste through a shredding and dehydrating process to create an RDF material and transport this to a UK Energy from Waste facility to be used as an energy resource.

Between May 2015 and April 2016, we have sent a total of 60,510 tonnes of our customer’s waste to a UK Energy from Waste Facility. This process is not only a beneficial resource for energy production but also strengthens our cause to divert waste from landfill.

JWS Carbon Saving Data.xlsThe huge rise in CO² Saving is 1,681 tonnes more then our CO² Savings for the previous year, which is the biggest rise for JWS Waste over the last 8 years!

JWS Waste are proud of these recent CO² Saving Figures, and hope to continue with this success.  As we remain dedicated to finding the most sustainable options for environmental protection, our customers can rely on JWS Waste for an ecological service.

JWS Carbon Saving Data.xls