Celebrating 98% Landfill Diversion Rates at JWS Waste

It’s a new year and already JWS Waste are reaching new heights of success. As February came to a close, our team celebrated our highest landfill diversion rates to date – over 98%!

Being able to provide ecological solutions is one of our core values and we are always searching for ways that our facility can be improved to encourage that our services continue to improve customer’s environmental impact.

DSC_3446The reason for our latest success is primarily due to the introduction of a new Lindner shredder at our facility. This incredible piece of equipment is designed to shred almost any of the waste materials collected from our customers.

Now, JWS Waste can further reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill by increasing the quantity of waste that can be treated to produce a Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) material instead.

Already, we utilise many of the non-recyclable materials processed at our site to create an RDF material. This is taken to a local, UK-based Energy from Waste facility that uses this material as a resource to create heat and electricity.

With our new machinery increasing the opportunity for more waste materials to be produced into RDF, we can ensure that even more of our customer’s waste can be diverted from landfill in favour of a greener alternative.

As we continue to make developments to our site that actively improve the environmental impact of our operations, JWS Waste hope to continue with this success. In return, our customer’s can continue trusting us to provide a sustainable solution for their waste management.