Celebrating Over 99% Landfill Diversion for 2018! [Video]

See our recycling & carbon saving highlights for 2018 in our new video

We are immensely happy to share our newest animation which highlights our recycling and carbon saving statistics for 2018.

From landfill diversion to reducing carbon emissions with local recycling and energy from waste facilities, we are pleased to be able to continue proving that JWS are a leading choice for businesses looking for sustainable solutions for their waste management.

We are very grateful to our fantastic team who help ensure that sustainable-thinking is applied through every aspect of our service, from site collections to waste disposal. It’s their dedication that makes it possible for JWS to provide the best green results to our customers.

Keep up to date on our recycling and carbon saving figures by visiting our recycling statistics page every month! See our yearly stats from 2017 onwards, and also figures from our most recent month.

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