Combination Locks Are The Way Forward For Trade Waste Bins

Trade Waste customers are advised that key operated padlocks are no longer accepted for containers, and that combination locks only are to be used from now on.


Since being appointed JWS Wastes ‘Trade Angel’, Alison Baxendale has made numerous changes to our Trade Waste Service which have been greatly beneficial for both JWS Waste and our customers.

Most significantly, this includes the decision to use combination locks on all of our trade bins, instead of using key operated padlocks. This has made great improvements for the efficiency of our service, as this means that drivers are able to access and dispose of our customer’s waste easily, providing a more seamless trade waste collection for our customers.

This transition from key operated locks on our containers, means that JWS Waste will be able to avoid any complications that may arise when carrying out our service. This includes the loss of misplacement of keys, or issues such as the particular driver in possession of the keys being absent, which would prevent us from servicing a customer’s bin.

JWS Waste are aware of our customers need for lockable bins for privacy and protection, and to be able to control the waste that goes into the container. This innovative idea to implement the use of combination locks provide the ability to lock a container, but leaves the container accessible for service at all times using a combination code instead of a key which could easily be misplaced.

As a result of this, our Customer Care Team will continue to advise JWS Waste customers to use a combination lock, as key operated pad locks will no longer be accepted. Already, the use of combination locks in favour of key operated padlocks has vastly increased our efficiency for servicing our customers bins. This ensures that JWS Waste can continue to provide our trade waste customers with a high standard of service at all times.

For more information, contact Alison Baxendale on 0161 737 4545 or email Or you can contact a member of our customer care team via