Consistently Improving Site Operations To Keep Our Team & Customers Safe

We hope that everyone continues to remain positive and healthy as we start to see a glimmer of what the end of the second phase of lockdown may look like for us all.

As we start to think about what the next few weeks may look like for JWS customers and JWS employees, we wanted to let you know some of the measures we are and will be implementing around the site to keep staff & customers safe, as we consider introducing staff back into the workplace in a timely manner.

This week we have seen tonnages slowly increase into site which has been positive and is a reflection of how our customer base is starting to open back up for business following Government Advice that not all businesses have to close. With this in mind,  JWS have prepared, and are implementing a number of control measures to ensure we strike a balance between the Health and Safety of our employees and “getting back to business as usual”.

Hygiene Stations

We have set up several hygiene stations around site at key points.  This includes entrances and exits, welfare areas and toilets as well as high traffic areas.  The hygiene stations consist of wall mounted glove and antibacterial wipe dispensers and dedicated waste bins to ensure staff always have access to gloves and sanitising products.  In conjunction to this, cleaning services will increase to twice daily and we are increasing our mobile sanitising units which can be used to clean vehicle and machine cabs.

Social Distancing on site

Already at the JWS Premises social distancing markers have been positioned around site. JWS look to improve markers around site to include one-way flow systems, which must always be followed.  This will be supported by a reconfiguration of spaces to ensure 2-meter distancing is always maintained as well as the implementation of plastic screening in spaces where staff work in the same space to control spread.


We are implementing a medical screening questionnaire to determine if a Covid-19 test should be undertaken,  allowing them to return to work or continue working from home.   A thorough assessment of all staff returning to work, and currently working will ensure that we significantly reduce the risks of bringing Covid-19 into the workplace, we may also supplement this by checking the temperatures of employees on their arrival into work each day to control the risk of the virus entering the workplace.  Additionally, staff who are absent due to covid-19 symptoms or family members displaying symptoms will be required to undertake a Covid-19 test before they are authorised to return to work.

Over the forthcoming weeks, we will continue to implement controls and make changes to ensure the safety of our employees & customers and communicate these changes to you. So rest assured, the whole team at JWS is committed to delivering a safe working environment for the staff and ensuring customers get the services they require to get their businesses back on track.

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