Coronavirus Operational Update

As a result of the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, JWS is establishing precautionary measures to protect the well-being of our employees, customers and community respectively. 


JWS want to reassure all our clients and customers with regards to the arrangements JWS have in place during the current crisis.  JWS will continue to strike a balance of business as usual whilst protecting our staff and customers and have put a number of control measures and procedures in place. 


 All employees, third parties, visitors and contractors when entering the JWS site must disinfect their hands before entering.  Alcoholic hand sanitiser stations have been located at every entry point to the JWS site including the weighbridge, and all personal entering the premises must use the hand sanitiser stations before they enter the site. 


 All JWS drivers and staff have been issued with alcoholic hand gel and must use this each time they enter JWS, or after making contact with any other person outside of the JWS Premises.  


Any JWS employees that have travelled to a high-risk area, are required to self-isolate for two weeks on return to protect employees and customers by limiting the potential spread of the disease. 


JWS has initiated its Crisis Management plan which involves daily meetings with Senior Management to discuss the progressing situation and to ensure that measures are being implemented to ensure business continuity throughout this crisis. 


During this time and in review of Government guidance, JWS has cancelled all external meetings organised at the JWS premises and reduced the numbers of third parties entering site.   


Additionally, JWS has stopped the use of signature requirements on tickets to reduce the risk of contamination. Printed names on tickets will act as authorisation and where possible images taken of site to confirm the service has been completed. 


A segregation of Staff and Departments within the premises has been initiated to ensure cross contamination between departments is limited and have resources and procedures in place to support remote working for employees to ensure services and customer relations continue as normal.  


During this time JWS continue to communicate frequently with service providers, disposal outlets and offtake partners. 


Due to the fluid nature of the crisis at hand, JWS will continue to initiate controls to reduce the risk of Coronavirus across the business on a day to day basis as the situation changes and develops to protect our employees and customers from harm. 


We thank you for your patience at this time.

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