Customer Satisfaction Results 2016

JWS Waste’s Customer Satisfaction Survey results for 2016

75%On a continual basis, our Customer Care Department conducts Customer Satisfaction Surveys as part of our commitment to providing a high standard of service for our customers. These surveys serve the purpose of ensuring that JWS Waste is meeting our customer’s requirements.

JWS Waste are very pleased to share our customer feedback, which further highlights just how much we value what our customers have to say. This allows us to monitor and ensure that each and every aspect of our operations meets our high standards.

This year our Customer Care Department conducted Customer Satisfaction Surveys with 20 of our customers. We are thrilled with the responses that we received, particularly as a majority gave JWS Waste high ratings for each question.


In fact, 75% of the people asked gave our service a rating of 5 out of 5! The other 25% rated our service 4 out of 5. Additionally, 90% of the customers asked said that they would recommend JWS Waste as a Waste Management Provider to somebody else.

recommendWhen asked, an astonishing 100% said that they would consider using JWS Waste again on any future projects!

These fantastic results are a brilliant recognition of our efforts in improving our Waste Management operations and also the hard work of our workforce to provide our customers with the high standard of service that more than their requirements.