Digital Tickets are the Way Forward for JWS

JWS have gone digital with new driver handheld devices

As part of our continuous commitment to improve services, JWS have made ongoing investments on the technology of our operations, including a bespoke waste management system and integrated telephone system implemented in 2016.

This year, JWS have gone bigger and better, proving that we are determined to provide North West businesses with a modern, efficient waste management service that more than meets their expectations.

One of the most recent changes that we have implemented is the use of new handheld devices for all our waste collection drivers. Fully integrated with our own waste management system, these devices have officially replaced paper tickets in favour of a digital version that lands right in our customer’s inboxes.

Our team, including our IT Coordinator, George Gillett, has been working with the developers of our waste management system to create an innovative solution that can streamline our waste collection ticketing process to benefit both JWS and our customers.

These new handheld devices are a fantastic solution that allows us to improve the efficiency of our service. The handhelds work in sync with our internal system, giving drivers the up-to-date information required for each specific site and also updating our internal system with details about the service taking place at your site, effectively improving the efficiency of our services overall.


Rather than having paper copies of tickets on site, which could easily be lost, misplaced, damaged, you have a digital version tucked away inside your emails to access at any time. This is a much more reliable ticketing solution for both customer sites and their offices.

We also understand the importance of ensuring our services are sustainable wherever possible. Digital tickets mean we now offer a paperless ticketing service, meaning your waste management service will be even more effective in reducing your environmental impact.

Our customers also have access via our live portal to real time information and service times, weight and reporting. These digital tickets, along with weighbridge tickets, are all stored on your portal for you to access when required.

What’s on the horizon?

Currently, JWS are engaged in other exciting developments to enhance your reporting process, finding new ways to make live information available to you. We believe that this new feature will be revelationary for our customers – so watch this space!

When it comes to offering sustainable waste management services, we believe that innovation is key to get the best results for both ourselves and our customers.

Being proactive with development and introducing advanced technology systems (such as these handheld devices) to our operations means JWS are even more capable of helping you reach your business goals and improving the impact waste management has on your business.

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