Donations For Monte Carlo Or Bust Rally

JWS Waste donate £100 to support EMR in this summers Monte Carlo or Bust ‘Banger’ Rally, raising money for Muscular Dystrophy UK and Future Tech Studio.


Here at JWS Waste we are always keen to show our support for various charities and causes. Most recently, JWS Waste have donated £100 to EMR, who are participating in this summer’s Monte Carlo or Bust ‘Banger’ rally to raise money for two causes.

This summer, EMR are taking part in this event is to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy UK and the Future Tech Studio in Warrington. They are also dedicated to raising awareness about Duchenne muscular dystrophy – a severe disorder which affects 1 in every 3,500 boys.

EMR and students from the Warrington Future Tech Studio worked together to create a fun design for an old BMW, with a tropical fish theme. Staff from EMR will be driving this vehicle in Monte Carlo or Bust’s 1,200 mile rally from England to Monte Carlo, for everybody to see!

The annual Monte Carlo or Bust ‘Banger’ rally is a great way for people involved to help increase awareness and raise money for many charitable causes. Last year, in 2014,  the rally had over 500 participants complete the challenge, and successfully raised over £100,000 for many UK Charities.

All money raised in this event will be shared between both the Future Tech Studio School in Warrington and the Muscular Dystrophy UK charity. For the Future Tech Studio, the money will go towards purchasing a school minibus which will be highly beneficial for the students at the school. Muscular Dystrophy UK will give their share of the donations to the Duchenne MD fund for further research into treating Duchenne muscular dystrophy, and finding a cure for the condition.

JWS Waste are pleased to have helped both causes with our donation, and we hope EMR are able to raise as much money as possible. If you would also like to show your support for Muscular Dystrophy UK and Future Tech Studio, then you can make a donation here.