An Incredible 98% Annual Landfill Diversion Result

JWS Waste are pleased to announce our waste recovery statistics between 2015 and 2016

We’re ecstatic to announce our latest landfill diversion statistics for May 2015 – April 2016. JWS Waste are dedicated to finding the most suitable solution for waste producers across the region and our efforts have resulted in 98% of your waste being utilised as a beneficial resource during this annual period.

The latest report shows that 43% of waste being recycled and a further 55% of waste being taken to a UK Energy from Waste facility that utilises the residues as an energy resource. As we continue to find the most innovative, sustainable solutions for your waste, JWS Waste showcase that we are successful in providing Waste Management Services that support the environment.

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How Waste to Energy has improved our operations

A large contributing factor for our 98% landfill diversion statistics is the use of a local UK Energy from Waste facility. This gives JWS Waste the ability to offer customers a cost-effective, sustainable solution that isn’t able to be recycled.

By utilising an Energy from Waste outlet, we can ensure that your waste is being put good use. The ability to use waste as a resource for heat and electricity means we can offer you additional sustainability for your Waste Management service.

Why This Matters

These results showcase the benefits you receive by choosing JWS Waste as your service provider, both environmentally and also financially. Our focus on the recycling/recovery of your waste materials means that we can offer you cost-effective disposal solutions that effectively minimise your environmental impact.

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