JWS Hit Carbon Saving Record for August 2017

JWS are delighted to announce that our monthly carbon saving figures were our highest to date in August 2017

During this month, our sustainable operations resulted in an overall CO2 saving of 1,425 tonnes!

This fantastic achievement means that our customers can be confident that we continue to provide a service that improves their environmental impact. Our focus on landfill diversion and sourcing local solutions for your waste results in a greater sustainable performance for both you and JWS, which includes reducing your carbon footprint.

Our environmental performance has shown significant improvement over the years and this is reflected in our carbon saving figures. Similarly to this year, JWS also reached a CO2 saving record back in August 2016, with a total saving of 1,327 tonnes.

We’ve put together this infographic of our most recent CO2 statistics which show how JWS continues to provide an environmentally-sound solution.

A key reason behind our rising CO2 saving figures is our ability to source sustainable solutions for your waste materials. We focus on resource recovery – recycling your waste into new materials and also using waste to energy routes so your non-recyclable materials can be used as a resource for heat and electricity.

Our continuous increase for our carbon saving figures showcases our commitment to supporting the environment. This means North West Businesses can be confident that with JWS, they can improve their environmental performance to achieve greater results. This is why JWS make an effort to monitor and share our environmental statistics – because they are not only a success for JWS, but also for our customers.

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