Inside JWS: ESL Training Support for Employees

JWS continue to support our employees, providing weekly English Second Language (ESL) courses

A new training scheme fully funded by JWS provides additional support for employees who aren’t fluent in English. Weekly ESL courses are now being offered to our employees as we endeavour to support these individuals further.

This training programme supports our employees with settling into the community and also helps to further develop their skill set. Offering ESL training to our employees helps to improve communication skills within the workplace and the community.

We believe that these courses will have many benefits to these employees that stretch beyond communication, such as helping to improve their confidence both within the workplace and the community as well as opening doors for these individuals so that they have the opportunity to further build their careers.

JWS are pleased to be able to support our employees and offer them the chance to learn new skills or develop an existing skill set. We encourage the training and development of all our employees and are keen to support them in any way we can.

Providing these ESL courses showcases our endeavour to be a business that fosters employee growth and development and we hope to continue to show our dedication in any future schemes.

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