JWS Waste Achieve 100% Compliance in 2015

The Environmental Agency offer JWS Waste a discount on annual payment due to our 100% compliance in 2015.

1895_0359-710x240Our efforts to remain compliant with all UK legislation were rewarded with a discount on our annual permit, as JWS Waste were shown to have achieved an incredible 100% compliance adjustment.

We are proud that our efforts were acknowledged by the EA, as we work hard to ensure that JWS Waste meet all the necessary requirements for our waste management operations.  We take the legislation compliance and environmental responsibility of the Company seriously, for the benefit of both JWS Waste and our customers.

web_DSC_7087Supporting our operational team led by Rick Marson, JWS Waste’s Compliance Team includes our Technical Manager Jade Saleh, and Health and Safety Adviser Gemma Aden, who are both highly qualified and experienced in their roles.  They ensure that JWS Waste meet all compliance expectations with every aspect of the company, from our Environmental Impact to the Health and Safety of our operations.

We understand the importance of being aware of all UK legislation and understanding changes to regulations.  In an addition to being prepared for changes in regulations and important requirements for our operations, customers can benefit from advice and news announcements of regulation changes that could impact their services, alongside a high quality of service where JWS Waste can provide sustainable solutions.

Compliance isn’t just about regulation and legislation for JWS Waste. It is important that we give back into the community. Therefore continual investment into technologies to reduce our Environmental Impacts and being more than just a good neighbour is at the forefront of all of our business activities. With facility technologies to help prevent dust and odours disrupting our local community, we make all the necessary implementations to ensure our operations support JWS Waste values.

During the first quarter of the 2016 year, JWS Waste achieved a 98% landfill diversion rate. Customers can have peace of mind that we support their environmental goals and reduce their business’ impact on the environment with our waste management services.

As pivotal to our efforts in landfill diversion, we source the most advantageous disposal outlet for the recycling/recovery of waste materials, including the use of UK Energy from Waste Facilities for Residual Waste with little recovery value.  This ensures an ecological solution for their waste disposal alongside increasingly high CO² Savings.

Health and Safety compliance is at the heart of our Company.  We value the Health and Safety of our employees and of our visitors to the JWS Waste site. With several safety procedures on site, trained Fire Marshals and First Aid staff, and regular Tool Box Talks for the training of our employees, we’re always working hard to protect both our employees and our visitors.

Our Managing Director, Robin Tweedale, comments:

“JWS Waste were thrilled to have achieved 100% Compliance for 2015, and are keen to continue excelling with the compliance of our Company.  This is an important focus for JWS Waste and we are proud of the effort, support and success of all our team.”