JWS Waste Acquire New Sennebogen Material Handling Grab

IMG_2264JWS Waste have introduced a new Sennebogen Material Handling Grab from Arnold Plant Hire to our Facility.

The Sennebogen Material Handling Grab is one of the latest investments JWS Waste has made into the growth and development of our facility over the years. This highly efficient machine supports our waste segregation operations, which are crucial when it comes to the maximisation of waste materials for recycling/recovery.

IMG_2266JWS Waste have acquired this new machine from the plant and machinery provider, Arnold Plant Hire. The Sennebogen Material Handling Grab includes High Rise Cabs complete with hydraulic quick hitch to pick up various waste rotating grabs. The hydraulic raised cab provides operators with maximum visibility which is crucial when operating at our facility.

This modern machine is an integral piece of equipment for the waste management operations at our Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) here in Salford. By being able to maximise our waste segregations with the new Senneboggen Material Handling Grab, JWS Waste can further ensure a sustainable waste management and disposal service for our North West customers.

As protecting the environment is a key motive for JWS Waste, waste segregation is crucial for our operations, as it means we can help our customers reach their environmental goals. By having specific waste streams segregated, we can find the most appropriate and ecological waste disposal solution for the waste materials in order to reduce any environmental impact of the waste disposal.

We are confident this new Sennebogen Material Handling Grab will be beneficial for our facility and our waste management operations, and will prove to be advantageous for the Company’s environmental values. As the requirement for ecological waste management services increase, JWS Waste continue to develop and improve our facility in order to deliver the quality service our customers require that supports our mutual environmental aims.