JWS Waste Adopt New Thermal Imaging Technology

Untitled design (8)At JWS Waste we’re always making that extra effort to ensure our operations are safe and compliant.

We have now introduced thermography to our business, as an ingenious way to find hot spots in waste being stored on site. This gives us the ability to find any fire risks so that we can take preventative action.

With a smart and simple device attached to our Banksman’s mobile phones, they are now able to assess waste piles for any sign of heat. This new implementation follows the brilliant suggestion provided by one of our own employees, Graham Hinton.

We believe that having the ability to prevent site fires from the very start is a great support for the Health & Safety of our operations and our local environment. Both fire prevention and detection are important issues for waste storage and management and at JWS Waste we are utilising thermography as a great way of improving our own operations.

As leaders in our region for Waste Management Services, we believe it’s our prerogative to ensure that JWS Waste is compliant in all aspects of our business. We are always developing our site and operations for the benefit of both our employees, local community and our many customers.

The new implementation of thermal imaging is just one of the many innovations we utilise to encourage high levels of Health & Safety on site. We feel very lucky to have a team of individuals with similar values who are keen to see JWS Waste remain successful in delivering a high standard of service and compliant with our operational systems.