JWS Waste Donation for Culcheth-2-Soweto

JWS Waste donate £500 in aid of the Culcheth-2-Soweto student exchange project


JWS Waste are always eager to get involved with innovative charity and community projects. As a company that takes pride in our charitable endeavours supporting fundraisers and making donations, we were more than happy to help with the Culcheth-2-Soweto project.

The Culcheth-2-Soweto student exchange project, which started in 2008, involves Culcheth High School in Warrington, and Matseliso High School in Soweto, South Africa. The biannual event allows for members of each school to travel to their partner school and experience what living in another country is like.

Culcheth High School Students apply to be involved with the programme through a series of challenges. Each child must raise £500 each to cover the cost of the flight tickets to travel to Soweto, along with their parents’ contribution.

The current team of 24 students at Culcheth High School will be travelling to Soweto in October, and therefore will need to raise a target of £15, 000 by August so that they can all go. Already, through various fundraising activities, the students have raised a total of £11, 964. This includes the £500 donation that JWS Waste gave to help the project.

When Culcheth students visit Soweto, they are able to explore the city of Soweto and experience the culture. The students are given the opportunity to explore the city and discover more about the history, politics and geography of Soweto. They also get to communicate with the students of Culcheth’s partner school, Matseliso High School, and learn more about what it is like to live in South Africa.

After their visit, the students of Culcheth High School then use their fundraising efforts to raise the money for 24 South African students at Matseliso High School. This is so that the students of their partner school can visit Culcheth High School and learn about England.

Not only does the Culcheth-2-Soweto project help students gain a greater understanding of life in another country, but it also allows for Culcheth students to become involved in charitable events fundraising activities. JWS Waste were pleased to provide support for the Culchteh-2-Soweto project and for the Culcheth High School students reach their target.