JWS Waste Establish New Compliance Team

QEHS Advisor Gemma Aden and Technical Manager Jade Saleh have joined forces to form JWS Waste’s Compliance Team.

QEHS Advisor

This development will see huge improvement for JWS Waste and our customers as the Compliance Team’s focus will be centralised around environmental, health and safety , and general compliance aspects within the company.

The Compliance Team will ensure full coverage from all points and angles when reviewing procedures and investigating accidents etc. By working together as a team, this ensures that JWS Waste will always have the presence of a compliance team member on site.

Gemma will focus is on the general health and safety for the company, such as developing and reviewing safe working procedure, investigating accidents, incidents and near misses and developing corrective action to prevent re-occurrence and also managing the training for all of our employees and developing training courses where necessary, including driver CPC courses.

Whereas, Jade will cover compliance and environmental issues around our site licence and working plan, including a focus on waste arriving and leaving the site. Ensuring that we are licenced to accept wastes,  reviewing analysis of new waste streams, and also locating disposal sites for our output materials and ensuring that the materials meet the requirements of the individual sites and the regulations that are in place.

Both Gemma and Jade have a range of qualifications which allows them to bring a lot of knowledge to the Compliance Team. They also have a lot of operational, health and safety, and compliance experience; therefore they are able to develop the most practicable solutions for JWS Waste and our customers.

Since Jade Saleh’s return to JWS Waste in April, the Compliance Team have already made excellent progress in ensuring JWS Waste remains compliant with health and safety and environmental regulations within the waste industry. Recently, JWS’s customers received the TEEP Questionnaire which the compliance team are currently reviewing the feedback and developing an action plan to ensure that JWS Waste comply with the newly enforced TEEP regulation.

The compliance team have also been working to review and update JWS’s safe working procedure on site, specifically focusing on new activities on site such as the Rentec shredder and the introduction of an additional team dedicated to shredding waste on site.

JWS’s new compliance team will be incredibly beneficial for our customers. Both members have a lot of experience in the waste industry which means customers will receive the best help and advice regarding all compliance related issues. Gemma and Jade work alternative days to ensure that there will always be somebody from the compliance team available to assist customer queries.

If customers should have any questions regarding compliance, then they can contact our compliance team by calling 0161 737 4545 and asking for either Jade or Gemma. Alternatively, customers can also contact a member of the compliance team by emailing compliance@jwswaste.co.uk.