JWS Commitment to Health and Safety Reduces Insurance Premium & Generates Rebate

Financial reward for JWS Waste’s Commitment to Health and Safety.

JWS Waste insurance agents have provided an audit and due to the companies large focus on health and safety cautions JWS recieve a reduction on their insurance premium and a large rebate Following a recent audit by JWS Waste’s Insurance Agents, JWS Waste have been advised that the company is due a £10,000 rebate on last years policy. This is based on JWS Waste’s commitment to Health and Safety demonstrated with its improved record in the last couple of years in terms of employee and public liability.

Our specialist advisor Jade Saleh underlines our commitment to Health & Safety and serves as a welcome reminder of our individual and collective impact on Quality, Environment, Health and Safety.

Every single person within JWS Waste commits to exceptionally high standards of Health & Safety both onsite in Salford and out and about on customer sites. This amazing result demonstrates and rewards that hard work and re-enforces the importance JWS attaches to the welfare of our staff, our site and indeed anyone we come into contact with.

Well done to everyone at JWS Waste for such consistency and attention to such an important topic.