JWS Waste Invest In New Vehicles

 JWS Waste are expecting two new additions to our fleet to improve our waste management services

JWS Waste are expanding our fleet with the addition of two new vehicles, including a new Artic Walking Floor and also a new trade waste collection vehicle. This will be a huge improvement for the waste management service that JWS Waste provide for our customers.

When it comes to our equipment and machinery, JWS Waste are aware of the importance of quality and brand reliability. All the vehicles in our fleet are made by two brands, Mercedes and DAF, both of which meet the standard that JWS Waste expect.

Because JWS Waste are dedicated to improving our waste management service to ensure our customers satisfaction, we’ve recently invested in two new vehicles that will be joining our large fleet.

The new Legras Artic Walking Floor will be essential for the transportation of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) to the Energy from Waste Facility. JWS Waste are proud to use the EfW Plant as a more ecological alternative to landfil disposal, and the new Artic Walking Floor will be a huge advantage for this.

Our second new addition is the purchase of a new trade waste collection vehicle, to improve the efficiency of JWS Waste’s Trade Waste Service. This will be hugely beneficial for our trade customers as it will allow us to improve the standard of trade waste management that we provide for our customers.