JWS Waste Implement Significant Plant Improvements

JWS Waste to increase productivity with recent plant improvements & investments

JWS Waste plant improvements to increase our waste disposal success include top Liebherr equipment

When it comes to waste disposal and recycling, JWS Waste are determined to make our services as efficient as possible. With recent plant improvements, including a new shredder and a new picking belt in place, we’re excited to see improvements in the speed and effectiveness of our waste disposal methods.

The shredder is supplied from Rentec, one of the top companies for plant machinery. It is an exceptionally powerful piece of kit, which is vital, as this will be processing the large quantity of bin bag and commercial industrial waste that we get every day.

JWS Waste also has an extensive collection of machinery including a Tromoll sieve from the British company Kiverco. Kiverco were chosen for their reputation for local support and good quality. Mobile kits include grabbers from were purchased from Liebherr, a top manufacturer, and from Fuchs, known for its good engineers and brand.

Our Operations Manager, Tim Andrews explains JWS Waste’s criteria when it comes to our machinery:

“There are three main factors for our machines. First, is that I like to support British engineers whenever I can. Second, is the quality. And third is the service and backup the company can provide. All of these factors take precedence over the cost.”

JWS Waste are also confident that both our customers and our employees will benefit from our new picking belt, not only does it increase productivity, but the amount of tonnage that it can take in is significantly improved from the previous model. The new picking belt is more comfortable and spacious for our pickers who work inside it, and is also a lot more pleasant for new companies who visit us onsite here JWS Waste.

This new picking belt has been significantly customised based on JWS Waste specific requirements. Tim Andrew our Operations Manager has commissioned the machine to be optimised to be the most reliable, robust and competent. JWS Waste are proud of our new picking belt and the excellent results it has given since it has been put in use in December 2014.

The picking belt is a crucial piece of equipment for JWS Waste, in which the waste collected from our customers is sorted by our very own line pickers.This is a significant stage in our operations as JWS are dedicated to consistency when separating our waste materials in order to accurately dispose of the waste through the most appropriate procedure.This benefits the customer and also the environment as it opens up opportunities for recycling and decreases the cost of waste disposal for our customers.

new vehicles to JWS Waste's fleet to improve plant and waste collection efficienty for customers