Skip Donation Helps Local School Project

James Brindley Primary School in Worsley now boasts an exciting new ‘wildlife area’ thanks to the contributions of several local businesses, including JWS Waste & Recycling Services Ltd.

JWS Waste donated a free skip to James Brindley Primary School in aid of their environmental Treeinspired project to build a wildlife areaAs part of the ‘Treeinspired’ Initiative, local contractor Horticon arrived at James Brindley Primary School  to help the school transform a neglected and boggy section of land into an attractive haven for local wildlife. The donation of a skip by JWS Waste meant that the area could be stripped back of weeks and other obstructions, to allow full bloom in the spring.

A footpath and bridge were created to allow better access to the garden and a birdbath and ‘bug hotel’ were introduced to encourage wildlife into the newly created area. With the free-of-charge use of the skip on-site, all waste materials generated by the project were safely and securely removed and sorted for recycling and disposal.

You can view more pictures of the primary school’s progress for the Treeinspired scheme here, by scrolling down the page to James Brindley Primary School.



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