JWS Waste Win Silver Green Apple Award with Intu Trafford Centre

GAA WinnerJWS Waste are thrilled to announce victory in winning a Green Apple Award with intu Trafford Centre

This year JWS Waste have succeeded in winning a prestigious Green Apple award alongside intu Trafford Centre, in recognition of their sustainability achievements. The glittering presentation ceremony took place at the Houses of Parliament on the 11th November and was attended by employees from both JWS Waste and intu Trafford Centre.

Both sides are ecstatic to have received the national, esteemed award against a lot of tough competition. This further highlights environmental commitment, which is a core value for both JWS Waste and intu Trafford Centre.

New Video! (8)Since its opening in 1998, intu Trafford Centre has aspired to be the greenest shopping centre in the UK. Arguably one of the most iconic shopping centres in the UK, the Trafford Centre attracts over 31 million visitors per year. With over 200 retail and 60 catering units, this large, North West shopping centre produces over 6,500 tonnes of waste every year.

Intu Trafford Centre appointed JWS Waste as their Waste Services Provider in 2014, with services commenced November 2014. From the very start of the partnership, both Trafford Centre and JWS Waste have been dedicated to improving the impact that waste management has for both the shopping centre and the environment.

One of the most significant changes followed the initiation of a new project that aimed to tackle one of the most significant waste streams the centre produces: food waste. The Food Waste project implemented a segregated service that reduced contamination and improved the recycling/recovery value of other waste streams.

JWS Waste established that food waste could be diverted from general waste at the source and sent for recycling by anaerobic digestion (AD). In this process key resources essential for plant growth can be returned to land in a controlled way. A process which is, in fact, the only renewable technology scalable to meet 2020 climate change targets.

In just 12 months after the Food Waste Project was launched, more than 166 tonnes of food waste was diverted from the general waste. This averaged at 13.8 tonnes per month, equating to 3.83% of intu Trafford Centre’s total waste. 17 months on, the project has resulted in 349 tonnes of food waste being collected and broken down using the AD process. This equated to 13,204 kWh and 314.1 tonnes of fertiliser being produced through the recycling treatment.

Winning the Green Apple Award is a fantastic achievement for everybody at JWS Waste and intu Trafford Centre. The award is a brilliant symbol of the hard work and commitment that both partners have shown throughout the years in order to improve the sustainability of intu Trafford Centre’s Waste Management operations and overall environmental impact.

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