JWS Waste’s Christmas Donations for Patients at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

JWS Waste continue their Christmas Tradition during this charitable season, in aid of hospital patients at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

JWS Waste have made charity a tradition, proving that when it comes to providing their support for those in need, we don’t hesitate. Here are JWS, we have dedicated our time and help for the fourth time running into collecting donations in preparation for the Christmas Season.

We receive a monthly visit from The Book People, for our hard-working employees to purchase books of their choice. For every ten books purchased, The Book People then allow us to choose a free book for a percentage of the cost.

Our Accounts Assistant, Laura Galek, initiated the scheme where we purchase children’s books and later donate them to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital on Christmas day. Ever since, this has become a tradition for the JWS team as we continue to make donations to the RMC Hospital for each Christmas season, to be used as Christmas presents for the patients.

These books are largely appreciated by the children who are sadly unable to leave the hospital over the Christmas period. A present is placed at the end of every young patient’s bed at Christmas, and the books donated by JWS contribute to this, meaning that each child who can’t go home gets a special gift on Christmas day.

It is a custom that JWS are proud of, and each year we are determined to provide even more joyous gifts for those less fortunate. This year, we donated 18 books, which is the largest number of book donations to date. Our number of donations to the Children’s Hospital has increased over the years, and we hope that in 2015 we can generate an even larger donation. This is a tradition that we hope to continue for many years to come, so that JWS Waste can bring a smile to the faces of young patients in hospital on every Christmas Day.