JWS Waste Gets A Fresh New Look

JWS Waste’s values are still going strong, and we have a new look to prove it.

JWS New look includes facebook logo with green waves and iconic red arrows to represent recycling

From the green colour scheme to the  iconic three arrow symbol that encompasses recycling ethics, JWS Waste has always made it clear that it’s a company that works with the Environment in mind. And now we have a new look to showcase how just proud we are to be JWS Waste.

We’ve uplifted our traditional design of burgundy arrows to give them a spacious, clearer appearance to emphasise our environmental morals.  The  JWS Waste logo stands out as a sign of our commitment to waste and recycling.

The JWS Waste name is now brighter and bolder, making us stand out amongst the green colour scheme to enunciate who we are. We feel that moving the JWS Waste name besides our logo highlights JWS Waste as a company that works side by side with recycling and protecting the environment when it comes to waste disposal.

And in order to make these new designs more prominent, we’ve included decorative waves within our new look, in various shades of green. It’s vibrant and modern, presenting JWS Waste as a company with a cleaner, greener look, we’re showcasing our company values, and highlights our desire to keep environmental values a predominant consideration with everything we do.

We’re hopeful that this new design will come to make JWS Waste visually noticeable within the waste disposal and recycling industry. This new look will not only feature on our website and online social media, but will also be prominent on our new vehicles.

JWS are delighted with our new look and are positive that this new branding really accentuates who JWS are and what it is we do.

JWS Waste's new vehicles showcase the new branding with vibrant green waves, large red arrows that are iconic for our recycling passion and white bold text that stands out

JWS Waste vehicles also showcase fresh new branding with vibrant green waves, bold text and iconic red arrowed symbol to represent our passion for recycling.