JWS Waste Adds New Vehicles To The Fleet

More vehicles are brought in to keep up with growing demand for JWS Waste.

JWS Waste to improve service with new vehicles added to the fleet, from reliable brands DAF and Mercedes

As the demand for JWS Waste’s services have increased, we included new vehicles to our already impressive fleet. JWS Waste have recently bought a total of seven new vehicles. These additions include a trade truck, a total of four skip lifters and three Rollonoff vehicles.

This large addition of vehicles is due to the increase of work that the company has gained over time. JWS know that it’s important to make sure that each and every customer is more than satisfied with our service, and making sure we have the necessary quantity of vehicles is crucial when it comes to being there when companies need us.

But it isn’t just the number of vehicles that matter, but the quality, and we’re positive that these new vehicles exceed JWS Waste high standards. The recent vehicles come equipped with Euro 5 engines, which give a greater performance and lower fuel consumption and emissions.

All of JWS Waste’s new vehicles are selected from two particular brands: DAF and Mercedes. Doug Priestley, our Traffic Manager, informs us that these brands were chosen for their reliability, which is imperative when it comes to our vehicles. JWS know that consistency amongst our vehicle’s standards is vital for making sure that our services remain outstanding at all times.

The new vehicles will all  be featuring JWS Waste’s new brand logo and design, making them greener and brighter than ever before. Using the new, modern branding will showcase our brand, whilst also keeping the vehicles up to date and well protected in their vinyl coating.

JWS are aware of the increasing demand for waste disposal services, and with our new vehicles we’re positive that we’ll be able to surpass these demands whilst continuing to provide an excellent service for all JWS Waste customers.

New DAF and Mercedes vehicles are upgraded with the fresh, vibrant branding and logo New, bright green JWS Waste vehicles are brimming with recycling passion with iconic arrowed symbol that is the JWS logo.