JWS Waste’s Successful Service For Lytham Proms Festival

JWS Waste have provided a successful waste management service for the Lytham Proms Event for the second year running.


JWS Waste’s Luke Hegarty has recently received high praise from Cuffe & Taylor’s Event Manager, Joe Robinson, who has commented that Luke was “extremely accommodating and worked really well with us on site.” This is following the waste management service that JWS Waste have provided for the 2015 summer festival, in which Luke assisted the site by clearing their waste and emptying containers.

The Lytham Proms Festival is the largest music event in Lancashire, taking place at St Annes and attracting tens of thousands of spectators to the event. It is a huge responsibility to take on, and this has been the second year that Cuffe & Taylors have entrusted JWS Waste to handle the event’s waste management services.

The entire JWS Waste team are committed to providing waste management at a high standard and also ensuring that our customers are more than satisfied with the service. We are proud of both Luke for his hard work and dedication throughout our co-operation with the Lytham Proms Event, and we will continue to implement the high service standard for all of JWS Waste’s customers.