New Beneficial Changes Implemented at JWS Waste’s Facility

20160714_123320 1JWS Waste make initial £250,000 investment into the development of our Materials Recycling Facility and our site infrastructure.

As part of a large development scheme happening here at the JWS Waste site, we have invested in new technology and additions for the improvement of our operations. Following a £1.9m investment in the fleet and mobile plant, the implementation of a new bespoke Waste Management system and a new phone system within the offices, we have initiated the first phase of our facility development project, which focuses on JWS Waste’s entire site in Salford.

Phase 1 one of these changes is the installation of a new air conditioning system in our Material Recycling Facility’s picking station. Already this investment has shown great improvement in the working environment for the operatives within our MRF.

The new, advanced air conditioning system supplies filtered, clean air from outside the MRF building, and has enough capacity to change the volume of air in the picking station, up to twenty times per hour. The temperature is controlled and allows for a constant working temperature all year round.  This air conditioning system is essential for JWS Waste and highlights our dedication to supporting our employees and providing a safe, healthy working environment for every individual.

Again as part of Phase 1 of our development scheme is the concreting work as the far end of our site. Since this process began excellent progress has already been made and we are looking forward to the benefit that this will have for our site operations. Once completed, this renovated space will provide us with more external storage for processed materials, and also additional space to allow for collection vehicle parking.

The most visible change that has occurred as part of the £250k phase 1 development is the addition of two new weighbridges and office units that are situated at the entrance to the site. In fact, you may have already seen the large, green cabins at the front of our site. These new office units are almost at completion, following the extensive civils works that were required to set up the modular building, and new power supplies for these office units are being installed.

The installation of the two new office units will allow for improved safety and efficiency in our weighbridge operations, as drivers will be able to speak to a weighbridge officer without the need to exit their vehicle. The new office units will incorporate our traffic department and our weighbridge operations, whilst the upper office will house our compliance team and the MRF manager’s office.

The next stage after the work has been completed for our yard will focus on the layout of our Materials Recycling Facility. JWS Waste are planning to alter the layout of the MRF building to incorporate process changes and eventually give us the ability to process both the Commercial Industrial and Construction and Demolition waste at the same time. This ability will ensure that JWS Waste will be more efficient in our management operation of our customers’ waste materials. Additionally, new lighting and storage bays will also be incorporated into the final layout of our facility.

As we continue to make necessary investments that are guaranteed to improve the waste management operations and services that we provide for our customers, we further showcase our dedication to the development of the Company and our workforce. We are pleased with the progress of JWS Waste’s recent site developments and are excited to see what the future holds for the Company, as we continue our planned investment programme.