New Employees Have Joined JWS Waste’s Transport Department

web_DSC_3538_1 (1)JWS Waste welcome three new additions join our Transport Department.

The new additions to JWS Waste include our new Transport Manager, Graham Ainscow, alongside our new Traffic Planners, Owen Dykes and Stephen Scullion. These three new employees all joined our Transport Department recently this year.

JWS Waste’s Transport Department plays a hugely significant role in the Company in ensuring that services are scheduled appropriately. When a customer’s request is entered onto our waste management system, members of JWS Waste’s Transport Department then allocate a driver, vehicle and time slot for this service to take place.

Both Owen and Stephen’s roles focus on the scheduling of our services, whilst Graham’s role as our Transport Manager will include overseeing that the entire Department is successful in getting our customer’s requests fulfilled quickly and efficiently.

Since starting JWS Waste, Stephen has also become involved in our Trade Services, assisting Trade Customers with queries regarding their existing services. He has been liaising with our Trade Angel, Alison Baxendale, to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their trade waste solution.

The new employees already have extensive experience for their roles, and JWS Waste are confident that they will be beneficial for the Company. With the addition of training from longtime existing employees in our Transport Department, we’re hopeful that Graham, Owen and Stephen will show great improvements for JWS Waste in the near future.

As demand for our waste management services increases, we continue to develop and improve in order to ensure that we can provide our customers with the high standard of service that they require.