Significant Rise in Demand for JWS Waste

Since the start of the year, JWS have seen a significant rise in demand compared to the previous year.

Based on the reporting of the number of skip and rollonoff jobs booked onto our system on a daily basis, we are able to see the difference between 2017 and 2016 – and the overall increase in demand that we are receiving.

In a recent news post, we talked about the Quality of Service Report for JWS and mentioned how we monitor these figures on a daily basis. The aim of the report is to ensure that our customers are receiving their service within their desired time frame – same day or next day. The information is monitored using our Quality of Service Report, which tracks dates and times of bookings, for each individual service that we offer.

Using our Quality of Service Report, we have been able to see just how much the demand for our services has grown in just 1 year. By calculating the average numbers of skip and rollonoff bookings each day per month, we can see a very large difference between 2016 and 2017, with 4/5 of the months showing an increase of over 16%. The dip in April is due to the number of working days with Easter holidays.

With such an exceptional rise in demand, it’s only natural that we aim to grow and develop the business to ensure we can meet our customer’s requirements. As customer satisfaction and high quality are both key values for JWS, we will be focusing on driver recruitment and vehicle investments to make sure that we can grow alongside this rising demand and retain our high service standards.

The increase in demand has been noticed across all departments here at JWS. In particular, our Customer Care and Transport Departments who have seen an exceptional increase in calls, emails and job bookings. Our entire workforce has proven once again to be resilient and efficient and we are incredibly appreciative of the hard work and support of our employees and grateful to have such a strong team here at JWS.




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